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1500 Light Years - a new science fiction book in Kindle Unlimited, ebook, and paperback.

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Broken Cosmos Trilogy

Florida Station - Broken Cosmos Volume One

Martian Flight - Broken Cosmos Volume Two

Neptune's War - Broken Cosmos Volume Three

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Ian Kennedy is an Australian lawyer who was admitted to practise in South Australia in 2012. In 2016 Ian began writing novels.


1500 Light Years is Ian’s fourth novel and is a science fiction story inspired by works such as Heart of Darkness, Requiem for a Dream, and Lord of the Flies. It explores the dangers of the Galaxy and looks at what trauma and stress can do to even the most disciplined people as a military crew make a pioneering journey to the first system outside of our own.


Ian has a passion for science fiction. With his debut science fiction space adventure novels of the Broken Cosmos trilogy: Florida Station, Martian Flight, and Neptune's War, Ian explores humanity, war, mental illness and what it is to survive in a hostile Solar System.


It has been said great sci fi holds an element of social commentary. Kennedy has managed that and then some with various themes on blind faith, drug abuse, and impulsiveness. I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite some despairing moments. It is hopeful in its sorrow and concern for the human state.

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5 star review - 1500 Light Years

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