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Broken Cosmos Trilogy released now in paperback! Also available on Kindle. Florida Station now in audiobook!

Florida Station

Broken Cosmos Volume One
Now in audiobook on Audible
Florida Station: Broken Cosmos Volume 1 cover art
My Books - Now In Paperback and ON Kindle
Broken Cosmos Trilogy

Florida Station - Broken Cosmos Volume One

Martian Flight - Broken Cosmos Volume Two

Neptune's War - Broken Cosmos Volume Three

My Books
My Story

Ian Kennedy has been published a number of times in the Flinders University Writers' Journal. Ian has always enjoyed writing and while completing a law degree at Flinders University in Adelaide Australia, he never stopped writing small pieces of fiction, particularly science fiction. The work in the law degree helps Ian construct persuasive dialogue and use language effectively.

In 2016, Ian turned to writing full time.


Ian has a passion for science fiction. With his debut science fiction space adventure novels of the Broken Cosmos trilogy: Florida Station, Martian Flight, and Neptune's War, Ian explores humanity, war, mental illness and what it is to survive in a hostile Solar System.


This book [Florida Station] was a blast to read, the basic storyline follows three major characters as they struggle to survive in a dystopian future that's both fascinating and bizarre. Their struggles are engaging in a sophisticated way -- there are no heroes here, just humans scrabbling for existence. And although there are conflicts with physical enemies (i.e., other humans), the internal conflicts (addiction, suicide, loneliness) were much more moving, and were explored thoughtfully...

And finally the writing -- there's startling emotional resonance in places, where the book was really moving...


Reader (full review of Volume 1 on Amazon)

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