Florida Station: Broken Cosmos Volume 1 cover art
Florida Station
 - Broken Cosmos Volume One

This is the start of an epic science fiction space opera trilogy that has cyberpunk, and dystopian themes of technological exploitation, mental health, war, addiction, and what it is to be a good person.



It is the 26th century. Alfred, known as Theta 7B to the Solar Solutions Corporation, is a zetter who debugs and solves computer issues by logging in mentally to a computer system. He navigates the circuits with his mind. Zetting is addictive and dangerous, but a huge rush. Alfred lives and works on the run-down Florida Station, a space station orbiting Jupiter, controlled by the Solar Solutions Corporation.

Alfred discovers dangerous problems with the network during a zet. It leads him down a path that will endanger everything he holds dear as he figures out what is going wrong on Florida Station.

Never underestimate the power, and the danger, of hope.

Martian Flight
 - Broken Cosmos Volume Two

Alfred, Draz, and Artisius escape from Earth in the Green Dragon and make their way to Mars as they attempt to outrun the Collective Zone Great Fleet. On Mars, they try to get lost in the criminal gangs that operate with impunity on the planet.

Alfred struggles with his sanity, as his zetting gets more and more enslaving.

Alfred, Draz, and Artisius try to escape the danger of the situation they are in as the Great Fleet of the Collective Zone chases them.

Freedom is many things to many people.

Martian Flight: Broken Cosmos Volume 2 cover art
Neptune's War: Broken Cosmos Volume 3 cover art
Neptune's War
 - Broken Cosmos Volume Three

Fleeing Mars for Europa, a moon of Jupiter, the crew of the Green Dragon become the spark which ignites the war between the Solar Solutions Corporation and the Collective Zone as the Collective Zone Great Fleet invades Solar Solutions territory.

Alfred fears losing all hold of his sanity as his zetting becomes increasingly self-destructive.


Soldiers on both sides clash for the glory of their corporation and blind survival.

Everyone must ask themselves: what price are they willing to pay for victory?