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Hope Five

An exciting dystopian science fiction story about survival, climate change, refugees, and being human. What part of your humanity would you give up to survive? Available now in paperback, ebook and Kindle Unlimited. 


Subject Name: Rix

Age: 17 years

Location: Habitat Outpost 12

Occupation: Filter Cleaner – Air Purification Unit 27C

Associates: Cree, Frit, Laz.

Supervisor: Magrot

Parents: Zeri (mother), Hraka (father)

Parents’ Occupation: Administrators

Status for acceptance into Hope Five Refugee Colony Ship: Decision Pending. See connected note.


Rix’s status for acceptance is pending. She must show that she can obey orders and act accordingly under the command of government officials. She is in a critical occupation like her associates and will hopefully be made ready to board Hope Five in the coming months for evacuation to Mars like the other colony ships.

Note to reader of this document: Do not let the subjects know that they are candidates for acceptance into Hope Five. A citizen who does not know that they have been accepted, is a citizen who is much more pliable.

By order of Supreme Commander Vorgor. Carried out by Captain Grach.

See file 24-3Z attached for details on Rix’s parents.

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